March 2013 Julep Maven box

ImageI got my usual profile this month of It Girl.  I also got the two products featured in the new Modern Beauty profile as my add-ons.  I guess I could have switched profiles for the month but I would have missed my polishes too much!  Over all I really like this month’s collection, probably my favorite since I joined in January.  I actually debated getting the whole collection but I decided not as there was a polish or two I didn’t think I would ever wear.  So let’s get into what I got this month.  

One of the ideas I read on Julep’s facebook page is to use a matte top coat to make the polishes look like chalk for a different look. So the swatches I did has one side without any top coat and the other side with a matte top coat. The top coat I used is from Essie.  I’ve had it for awhile and so I’m not sure if it is still made.


The first polish is Teri.  This is a pretty peach/coral creme color and perfect for spring.  When I painted the swatch it only needed one coat to be opaque!  It will probably need two coats on the nail but I was still impressed.



The next color is Simone.  This is a lavender color with a slight blue/pink shimmer to it.  Really pretty.




The last color in my box is Shenae.  This is a mint green with a slight blue/sliver shimmer to it.  Mint is one my favorite colors so this will probably be the first color I wear.



This picture is closer to what Shenae looks like in real life than the top picture, but the top one shows the shimmer better.

This is a swatch of all three colors together that shows the contrast with the matte top coat a little better.

ImageI also got a lip balm in my box which I really like.  It doesn’t add any color to your lips but this is super moisturizing!  Really glad Julep put this in the box.  This smells like strawberry milkshake.  Don’t pick up any mint scent at all, which is fine by me.Image

Now on to the add-ons.  

The first one is the Glycolic Hand Scrub.  I haven’t tried this out yet because I somehow managed to get a bunch of cuts on my hands this week so I’m a little afraid to use a hand scrub just yet.  


The next product is Julep’s newest hand lotion, Rock Star Hand Creme.  This has a really cool twist open.  This hand creme claims to be long lasting and will keep your hands moisturized even after washing them.  I do agree with this statement as when I used this I did feel my hands stayed moisturized longer. This absorbs pretty quickly, just don’t film a video for YouTube and try to open the bottle! 😛  The only thing I don’t like about the product is the smell, very floral and perfumey!  Luckily it doesn’t linger for too long so I’ll be able to put up with it.




This is the bottom of the Rock Star Hand Creme.

So that is what I got in my box this month and I love all the polishes and can’t wait to use them!



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