Holiday Nails: Easter edition

I love to do nail looks for the holidays. Probably because it is the only holiday decorating that I do. So here is my nail look for Easter. The inspiration was first from cutepolish’s Easter nail video. You can look at the video by clicking on this link Cutepolish Easter nails. Then I was seeing all these cute nail art looks with bunnies on Pinterest so I knew I had to add bunnies to the looks.


These are the polishes that I used and you get to see what I put on my thumb.

This set is the Julep polishes that I used. These were used as the base coat for all the fingers, except the pinky. In order from left to right the colors are Ava, Simone, Blake, and Shenae.


This set is the Essie and Zoya polishes I used. From left to right I used Zoya Purity and Arizona and Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I have no idea what the Sephora by OPI color is called but I used it on my pinky as the base coat.


This set is the stripper polishes that I used but none of them have names. I also used a green one but I couldn’t find it when I went to take the picture of the bottles.


There was a causality to the look. When I went to put Blake back in the box it crack open and polish started oozing out. Sad day as it was my first Julep add-on in my first Maven box. The picture below is the aftermath.


So that is my Easter look. I hope you liked it!

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