First Impressions: Sample Society April 2013


This is my first month with Sample Society. This is a $15 a month subscription service that give you samples of high end brands. Also, each month you get a $15 off coupon on any purchase of $35 or more. If interested the website is, and if you want to help me out my referral code is BELL6499.

So let’s get into what I got.

The first item is the Hydro Sheet Mask. This is a gel mask that is really moisturizing and gives you supple skin in 10 minutes. Well, I’m assuming. Haven’t used it yet as I was waiting for the weekend. So I might put it on tomorrow if I have time. I have read good reviews of this. Off topic but isn’t the picture on the upper right corner kinda creepy.


The next item is CoTZ Face Natural Skin SPF. This is a mineral sunscreen with a SPF of 40. This is really dark in the tube but blends out decently on my skin. I wonder if this is suppose to be more like a BB cream but the product description doesn’t seem to indicate this. So I’m not sure why this is so dark and there doesn’t seem to be any other shade. I liked that it only had a faint suncreen scent. Sadly one of the reasons I’m not good about wearing sunscreen is because I can’t stand the smell. Don’t think my foundation looked good with this underneath so I would only wear this on days that I’m not wearing makeup and going to be in the sun, though that combination doesn’t happen too often.


The next item is Borghese Gel Delicato makeup remover. This is a nice product. Seems like a great product for people that consider makeup wipes too convenient. 😉 Seriously, it does work and took off my makeup, even eye makeup though not as good as a regular eye makeup remover. You put this on a cotton wipe and wash your face after, which you need to as it leaves your face kinda sticky.


The next item is the Caudalie Premier Cru. This is a face moisturizer. On the product card it says this product is perfect as a night cream. So I put it on the first night I got it and the moisturizer has so much perfume in it that I got an immediate headache so bad that I thought about rewashing my face to get it off. So I didn’t wear this again. It seemed an okay moisturizer, but there was no over night miracle to make me want to use this again.


The next item is the Exude lipstick gloss in clear. This has a really interesting application with a plastic lipstick tip, which makes it great to use this over other lip products already applied. This isn’t too sticky and has a minty scent. The clear shade is kinda boring, well very boring. It would have been nice to get one of the color glosses.


The last thing in my box was the Jane Tran hair accessory sampler. I haven’t used them yet but I do think the pattern is cute. I just wish there were either 2 bobby pins or 2 barrettes, don’t know what I would do with one of each.


So that was my box.

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