POPSUGAR Must Have Box April 2013


This is my first POPSUGAR Must Have box. I got a discount code for $25 off a six month subscription so I thought I would give this a try because I’ve been stalking this box for awhile so this was a good incentive. If you are wondering how you stalk a box it is watching all the unboxing videos on YouTube and reading forum post about this subscription. So now you too can stalk boxes!

This subscription is $35 a month and you are guaranteed over $100 value with full sized products. If you are interested here is my referral link http://popsu.gr/dmVs and I read that the code I used for the $25 off might still be good. If it is the code is TAKE25. Hope that works so you can give this box a try too.

So on to the items.

The first item is the Alter Eco dark chocolate quinoa bar. I am not a chocolate fan. I will eat milk chocolate things but it is not something that I seek out. Saying that I hate dark chocolate! So I knew I would dislike this. Luckily, my brother loves dark chocolate so I gave it to him to give me a review for you. He said it was really good chocolate and he liked it. So there you go. I have read that this is like a grown up Nestlé crunch bar.


The next item is the Green Garmento Four-in-one Reusable Dry Cleaning bag. Well, that name is a mouthful. As you can see from the picture below this can be four types of bags. Seems a neat idea. I don’t own any dry clean only clothes so I don’t really need it for that. Right now I’m using to store my winter coat. This is a pretty big bag. I’m 5″2′ and holding up this goes below my knees.


The next item is the Tatcha Petal Fresh Evening Aburatorigami Beauty Papers. Another really long name, I think that might be the real theme of the box. These are blotting papers with gold leaf in them. Not quite sure what the gold leaf is for other than to jack up the price. These do work and will come in handy since my skin has now decided that it wants to be oily and with the temperature getting hotter. The downside are that these are $15 and I can find drugstore brands that are much cheaper and work just as well. My favorite are Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, which right now are $5.50 for 50 sheets on drugstore.com, in case you were wondering.


The next item in the box is the Kai perfume oil. If you read my other posts you know that I am sensitive to most perfumes and they give me really bad instant headaches. The good news is that this didn’t! I find that I do well with perfume oils which is more natural than the synthetic perfumes. The bad news is that I didn’t like the scent. 😦 I keep smelling my wrist hoping that it would change into something that I would like. It didn’t. This is a heavy flower scent and I’m more into fresh, clean scents. My aunt really loved this so she might be getting this for her birthday.


The last item is my favorite in the box and it is the Shashi New Nugget Bracelet. This came in three different colors and I got the cobalt one. The other colors were turquoise or gray. This is a great bracelet for stacking and just a nice summery bracelet in general. In the bottom right picture I stacked it with a bracelet I got in a Jewelmint mystery box. Really like this look.


Except for the bracelet nothing really stands out for me so I’m looking forward to next month’s box, which hopefully I’ll have a few more things that I like in it.

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