First Impression: April 2013 Ipsy bag


So this is my first impressions review of the April 2013 Ipsy bag. I have to say this is probably my favorite bag since I joined in December. I was surprised since I’m not a fan of pink and having a whole bag of pink items scared me a little. I guess it helps to have an open mind. Let’s get started and see what I got in my bag.

The first item is the Sation nail polish in the color Of Corset I’ll Call You. This is a sheer pink polish and in the swatch picture on the right this is two coats. This is the only thing I wasn’t crazy about. Like I said, I’m not a fan of pink and I’m not a fan of sheer polishes, so this had two strikes against it.


The next item is a shimmer powder by MICAbeauty in the color Earth. This can be used as an eyeshadow, a highlighter, or mixed with clear polish to give you a sparkly polish. Personally, I think this is a little too sparkly to be used as a highlighter unless I wanted a disco ball look. So I will only use this as an eyeshadow. As an eyeshadow this is okay, kinda sheer but it works if you want a subtle eye look with a bit of sparkle.


The next item is a blush from Be a Bombshell in the shade Sweet Cheeks. This is a peachy pink blush with silver shimmer. This is really pretty and really pigmented. Tapping the color once is enough powder for both cheeks. This is blush is just as good as my favorite Tarte Amazonian clay blushes.


And this is a look with me using both the MICAbeauty eyeshadow and the Be a Bombshell blush. I took this picture a few days ago so I don’t remember what else I’m wearing on my eyes. Sorry! I wore didn’t versions of this look to get a good picture and this is surprisingly the best one. Also I’m pretty sure I’m not wearing anything on my lips.


The last thing in the bag is also my favorite! It is the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal. This can be used on dry and wet hair and it will help you hair dry quicker. I used this on dry hair and it made my hair softer and didn’t look greasy! I was impressed. I used this on wet hair and I really think it helped my hair stay soft and my curls stay curls and not frizz. This is definitely a product I will be purchasing in the full size. The only problem is that the bottle is so thick that it is impossible to squeeze so I have to open up the bottle and pour it into my hand. Hopefully the full size won’t have the same problem.


So that is what I got in my Ipsy bag. As much as I love the Healthy Sexy Hair, I kinda wish there was a lip product to complete the look. Oh well.


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