Julep Sea Salt Mystery box


This is the latest mystery box from Julep with the new Sea Salt texture polish. This is box #7.

The first thing in this box is a pedicure toe separators and another nail file. They must have millions of these nail files as I have gotten one in every mystery box.


The next item is the Rock Star hand crème that came in the March Maven boxes. I was not a fan of this lotion as this is a little to perfumey/floral-ly to me. It does moisturize decently.


This box came with 4 polishes and no dupes this time!

The first one is Claudette, which is a tomato red. I think I’ve gotten a red in every mystery box. I’m not a fan of red polish, really boring to me, and I somehow have amassed a big red collection.


The next one is Viola, which is dark purple that is almost black. This is pretty, but more of a fall/winter color for me.


The next color is my favorite in the box and that color is Sarah. This is a sheer color with multi color glitter. Yay glitter! I think this would be a good layer color, I might try this on top of Claudette.


The last polish in the box is the Sea Salt polish in Jill. Not impressed with this color. This reminds me of sidewalk cement. While I do think the texture is interesting, not quite sure this is something I want to put on my nails. I probably would have liked it if was sparkly, because you know glitter!


That is my box. Kinda of a let down. I don’t like the Rock Star lotion and except for Sarah not impressed with any of the polishes. Though my last mystery box was so impressive I was bound to be let down.

In other news I got a cool new macro lens for my iPhone. This should help with nail polish swatches being more accurate.

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