Ruby Wing Polish Review

Ruby Wing nail polish was a brand that was featured in April’s Birchbox boxes. I wasn’t lucky enough to get one in my box so I went ahead bought 2 from Birchbox’s store as they looked so interesting and I don’t have any color changing polish in my collection. Well, played Birchbox. I see what you did there. Anyway I bought Peony and Groupie. I have to say that the swatches on the Birchbox site are very deceiving. Groupie looked like a light pink color, which I thought would be very pretty. As you’ll see in the pictures, it’s not.

So let me show you the two polishes.

The first one is Peony. Inside this is a peach color and it turns into a dark pink, almost maroon shade. This is also scented, but you have to wait until it is dry to smell it. It is a floral scent but it is not strong enough to be noticeable. I had to put the swatch up to my nose to smell it. The white specks you see is the scent I think. The outside swatch is darker in real life than the picture shows, f.y.i.


The next color is Groupie. This is a bright pink color inside and it turns into a dark bright pink outside. The difference is not that noticeable as Peony’s color change, but it did change. My camera didn’t pick up the difference but there is a difference in darkness. I wish the swatches would have been more accurate on Birchbox’s website because I wouldn’t have bought this shade. Not that there is anything wrong with it, just not a fan of neon pink.


These are the tags attached to the bottles and shows what the color change should be.


Peony changed really quickly. As soon as I went outside it began to change. Groupie takes a little longer to notice the change, but both are darker in about a minute. The outside pictures were taken at noon. I tried to take pictures when I got home from work last night but at 7ish only Peony changed and then it didn’t darken up as much as it did when it brought out at noon.

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