First Impressions: Birchbox April 2013


This month’s Birchbox was sponsored by Women’s Health magazine and the theme is Tiny Tweaks, Big Results. Beside the items in my box I also got a year’s subscription to Women’s Health magazine, which has a value of $10. Right away this box has a great value, the subscription alone is the cost of the box.

If you are interested in Birchbox and want to help me out click here.

The first item in my box is the Caudalie Divine Oil. This oil is a blend of grape, argan, hibiscus, and sesame oils and can be used for hair, skin, and nails. This seems moisturizing enough but I don’t like the way it smells. Way too perfumey for me. It wasn’t as bad as the Premiere Cru I got in my Sample Society box but it was still too strong for me. I’m going to stick with my plain argan oil that works great and doesn’t have a scent. This is going in my give away bag.

The full size prize of this is $9-49.


The next item is Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lipstick in 7. Quick Kiss. This is a bright red coral shade. This product can also be used as a blush. I don’t think I’ll be trying that. This fades pretty quickly into a pink. I wouldn’t suggest this if you are looking for something long lasting or if you don’t like to reapply your lip product. This was nice and I’ll use it but not something I would need to repurchase as there are cheaper products I like better, though I like the pencil applicator as it makes it easier to apply this bright color.

The full size price is $26.55.


The next item is the Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir. According to the product card, “this new shine-boosting serum cures dry strands and reduces the odds of age-related breakage.” This is suppose to help with the 8 signs of hair aging, though the product card doesn’t say what the 8 signs are. This is a thin serum that has a nice light scent. It did leave me hair soft and I can tell where I put the majority of the product. This is a small sample so I will be using the rest. Not that I wouldn’t use this if this was a large sample. I guess I’m saying don’t know if you would buy a full size but I’ll use the rest of what I have.

The full size is $20.99.


The next item is the Vitivia Pro: Vitamin capsules. Both capsules have a silicon primer feel and no scent. So that was great for me. The orange capsules contain vitamin A and will help refine pores and smooth fine lines. This is applied at night before moisturizer. The brown capsules contain vitamin C and will help fight wrinkles and age spots. This is a applied in the morning before moisturizer and makeup. There was a four day supply of both, this wasn’t enough to make a noticeable difference but I really liked these. In the four days of use it did help with the dry spots on my cheeks and my foundation went on smoothly without the need of an additional primer I normally have to use. I would love to buy these in a full size but this is really expensive. This is sold in a 28 day supply for $55 and that $55 is for a 28 supply of the vitamin A and another $55 for a 28 supply of the vitamin C capsules. Unless I win the lottery I could never justify $110 in skin care that wouldn’t even last a full month. Doing the math it would cost me $1540 a year! If only I was indecently wealthy.

The full six is $55.


The last item in the box is a Birchbox Find and it is the Simple Revitalizing Eye roll-on. This is suppose to reduce puffiness and revitalize tired eyes by instantly cooling and gently massaging the eye area. I didn’t notice any difference using this. It didn’t help with puffiness and I didn’t think it made my eyes look more awake. It does feel nice with the cold metal applicator ball but that’s about all I can say about it.

Not sure how much the full price is since this product was not listed on my product card. I have seen this brand at Walmart so I would say this is probably under $10, but that is a guess.


So that is my box for this month. Pretty decent box as I would use everything except for one item and that is because I have perfume sensitivity, not because it didn’t work. Can’t wait for next month and Birchbox if you are reading this, and I doubt you are, feel free it to put some more Vitivia Pro: Vitamin capsules in next month’s box.

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