Nail of the Day: Bright Stripes

I saw a technique to get striped nails without a striper polish. Instead you use dental flossers! This look sounded too interesting not to try. If you are interested watch this video. I thought this look would be perfect for the bright colors I got in this month’s Julep Maven box.

Not really happy on how it turned put. I think I probably should have used a dark color to balance the look out more. Also the neon polishes dried really quickly so I had to put a lot of polish of the flosser and that just made it little too clumpy. Oh well. Thought I would share with you anyway.


These are the colors that I used. I started with 2 coats of Abbie and then used the other polishes as the stripes.


And here are my “stripers”.


This is a messy technique so have some polish remover and Q-tips ready for clean up. I still have 4 more polishes I haven’t used in my April Maven box so I have to think of something good for those. I’ll be sure to share with you when I do.

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