Julep Maven May 2013


This has got to be the prettiest box that I’ve gotten from Julep. I liked the theme from the beginning as I love the twenties and Art Deco and had a hard time picking which box I wanted. There were some polishes I definitely didn’t want and knew I wouldn’t use so the full collection was out. I asked my mom to help me pick and her only advice was not to get the one with the glitter polish because I have too many glitter polishes. Obviously she was of no help. I mean what kind of advice is not to get the glitter, is there even such a thing as too much glitter polish. So it came down to what lipstick trio did I like more and that box was the Boho Glam.

If you are interesting in Julep Maven and want to help me out click here.

Here is what was in my box. Everything was so pretty this month. I even loved the tissue paper!


The freebie this month were these super cute bobby pins. I haven’t worn them yet but I’ve liked looking at them. Not sure how they will work in my curly hair though, they might get lost in a curl.


So this month the product that was featured was lipstick. I think the packaging is gorgeous and I love the cute little lipsticks. What makes tiny things so cute? These smell super yummy, like tangerines! I say yes to things smelling like citrus. I was a bad blogger though and haven’t worn them yet. So no lip swatches or any review of how the wear is. I can tell you that Satin Doll and Tea for Tea are sheer and can be used alone or layered over Lady in Red. There was another lipstick trio in some of the other boxes that was berry tones.

This shows the size of the lipstick.





And now on to the nail polishes.

The first one is Alice. This is a pretty lavender with a sliver shimmer in it.


The other polish is Millie which is an unique purple navy. This is the polish that was the decision maker for this box. I’m not usually one for dark polishes but I really like this one. The swatch does not do this polish justice as it is more than just a navy polish.


Of course I couldn’t stop at these two polishes so I had got two add-on colors.

There should be no surprise that the first add-on I got was the glitter polish. Paris is holographic glitter polish with a mix of small glitter and large hexagon glitter. I am so in love with this polish. It is so gorgeous!


The other polish I got is Zelda. This is a gold almost foil-like polish. The bottle side of the picture is a better representation of the color than the macro picture.


So that is all my goodies for the month. I can’t even imagine how Julep will be able to top this box but I’m ready to find out.


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