Nail of the Day: Aqua Sparkle

I got Denver in a recent Julep Maven Secret Store. If you are wondering what the Secret Store is, it is special discounted stuff for people that got that month’s Julep Maven box.

I thought Denver was such a great Spring color that I had to wear it. I also had to have an accent nail with my new favorite glitter polish, Paris. Denver wasn’t that great of a polish, which was super disappointing. This took 3 coats to fully cover the nail and it got gloppier with each coat, which means the application got messier and messier. I was painting my cousin’s nails at the same time so I don’t know if that had anything to do with that, but this could use a dose of polish thinner.

So here’s the nail look. Sorry for the bad picture and the fact my cuticles are so messy. My polish chipped before I get a better picture. I’m super hard on my nails at work so this is not necessarily the polish’s fault as every polish brand I use does this.


And because one bad picture is not enough, here is a horrible swatch picture of Denver. I thought the picture was in focused when I took it but that tooth brush in the background must have been way more interesting to my camera.


Hopefully the next Nail of the Day post will have better pictures but I hope you like it nonetheless.

2 thoughts on “Nail of the Day: Aqua Sparkle

  1. Well, I liked it! I was wondering whether it was worth taking advantage of their $7 sale on it, and I see it’s not.

    What I don’t understand about Julep is how come their pictures and descriptions always make the polishes seems lighter than they are. I got a pink in the classic with a twist box in April that they seemed to think was pastel, and which came out as a hot coral. This one, they clearly think is a mint, and it’s obviously just as bold as that pink. Maybe it’s a hot mint? Is that a thing?

    • It is a bright mint but I like that, though is no nail that could be too bright or too sparkly for me. 😉 If you are looking for a mint that isn’t so bright Julep Dianne is a muted mint. Of course it is not on sale right now. Glad you liked the look and thanks for reading!

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