Julep Hooray For May mystery box


It’s time for another mystery box from Julep! So Julep suckered me in for another mystery box and this has to be the most disappointing to date. While I was really excited to get only polishes, out of the 6 polishes 4 were ones I already owned. Very disappointing! I guess I reached the point where I have a large collection of Julep polishes. Enough with my gloom and doom and on to the box.

Here is everything I got in my box, which is version 2.


The item in the drawstring bag is a gift to give to a friend. Cute idea and since I owned it already I can happily give it away.


And here is what’s in the bag.


I was surprised that the give away polish was Alice from May’s Maven boxes.

The next 3 polishes are ones I already own.

I was happy to get another Avery. I was originally going to give my first Avery away to my cousin because that’s her name but I really liked the polish. I was going to buy her one so it is nice that Julep saved me a step. And it is perfect timing because she is having a dance recital soon so I can give her a little present.


Sharon is pretty red, kinda reminds of a red car. Not sports car red, normal car red.


Grace is a really pale pink. This is three coats on the swatch plate and it still doesn’t look like I put anything on it. This is not a color I needed in duplicate.


The next two are new to my collection.

Vanessa is a clear polish with tiny holographic glitter. Normally i would be over the moon for his polish but after getting Paris last month this kind of a let down. Paris, you are too darn awesome.


The last color in the box is one of the new polishes that Julep guaranteed in every box. Charlie is a taxi car yellow.


Charlie reminded me of Abby from the Maven box in April but side by side there is a slight difference. Abby is definitely a neon color and has that bright neon sheerness to it.


So that’s my mystery box. As I said before, I am disappointed that I only got 2 new colors from this box. Not Julep’s fault, but I think I’ll be taking a break from the mystery boxes for a bit as I obviously have too many polishes.


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