First Impression: Ipsy May 2013 bag


Time for another Ipsy bag review. Ipsy did things a little differently this month. Instead of everyone getting the same bag with only color variations, they had a bunch of different variations and items this month. Every bag got a Zoya polish from the recent Spring collection, Yaby concealer, and a Mirabella lipstick or Juice Beauty lipgloss. The other 2 items where surprises from about 8 different products.

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I’m not too impressed with my bag. The concealer is way too dark for me, I have sensitivity to most perfume and the hair serum is not the type of product I like for my hair.

So enough with my complaining and let me show what I got in my bag.

First off I think this chevron bag is really cute. I’m really liking all the printed bag Ipsy has been sending out. And this bag matches my sunglasses case I got from the dollar store and now I can having matching bags in my purse.


The first item in the bag is the Zoya polish in Blu from the Lovely Spring 2013 collection. I really like Zoya and most of my polish collection is Zoya. And if you are looking for a good white nail polish, Zoya Purity is amazing!

Blu is whitish blue cream polish. It applied kinda streaky on the swatch card. I don’t know if I didn’t wait long enough before applying the second coat but the other polishes I was swatching at the same time didn’t give me the same problem. I think this pretty but I really wanted the yellow or the green polish from this collection.

Cost: $8


The next item is the Yaby concealer in Honey. This way too dark for my fair skin. I tried this as an under eye concealer and it was really dark and yellow. It worked okay but since I have such bad under eye circles I like something that brightens that area, not just conceal it. It applied smoothly and didn’t settle into lines, so that’s a plus. If Yaby’s website wasn’t such a mess I would be willing to try the concealer in another shade.

Cost: $4.85


The next item is the Mirabella lip sheer lipstick in Daydream. It has mango butter to moisturize your lips and helps it apply smoothly. Daydream is a pretty mauve shade leans on the purple side. Since I have been obsessed with purple lipsticks I was happy to add this to my collection. This is a sheer lipstick that works for the day and would be a good layering lipstick. I really like this product. It is sheer like a lipgloss but has the moisturizing and smooth application of a lipstick. This kinda reminds me of my favorite lip product, Maybelline Baby lips or the Revlon lip butters.

Cost: $22


The next item is the Pacifica Island Vanilla perfume roll-on. Pacifica’s website says, “inspired by the unique magic of Tahitian vanilla, this sensual blend sets sweet and sultry vanilla absolute, with honey-jasmine notes and a touch of fruitiness, against a deep and beautiful base of tea.” If you read my blog before you will know that I was really disappointed to see this was in my bag. Thankfully I didn’t get a headache from this and was able to wear this the whole day. It was good that it didn’t make me sick since this is long lasting and I was still smelling it on my wrists hours later. It is a nice smell, reminds me of vanilla extract. While I like the scent I think this would work better as a fall/winter perfume instead of a spring/summer perfume.

On a side note, I love Pacifica’s packaging. I think it is so pretty!

Cost: $12


The last item in my bag is the NuMe Finishing Serum. This a thick syrupy serum that reminds me of the John Freida serum. This is not a hair product I like for my hair. I think it’s too heavy and if you add too much your hair is greasy. This did nothing for my hair. While it was really humid on the day I tried it and most products don’t work in this weather, my hair was not only frizzy but some parts were not curled at all! That was really weird since I have Shirley Temple type curls and the only way I have straight hair if if I physically straighten it. This will be put in the give away box.

Full Size price is $29 for 2 oz.


So that was my box. I’m glad I got the lipstick because everything else I was indifferent about.


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