Nail of the Day: Simple Art Deco

So I saw The Great Gatsby movie the other weekend and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with Art Deco. No matter if you like the book or not, I would see it for the gorgeous makeup! I guess that is a sign that you might have a problem with makeup when you spend 2.5 hours in a movie admiring the makeup and not Leo. Though have no fear I noticed that he looked great in this movie too. 😉

I saw a lot of great Art Deco nail looks but I wanted something simple that I could do on both hands myself. I started with 2 coats of Alice. I then painted a stripe of Zelda going one way across the tip and then did the same with Millie going in the opposite direction. I really like how this turned out, minus that my hands are a mess. Zelda and Millie applied perfectly and I can’t wait to use them again. Zelda is such an awesome color. I’m not usually a fan of foil polishes but this one is great. I love how it picks up the other colors on the nail. Alice applied okay, not great but I’ve applied worse.

Also, sorry the pictures are blurry. I think the shininess of Zelda was throwing off my camera.



Here are the swatches of the polishes that I used.




Hope you enjoy this look!

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