Julep Maven box June 2013

20130602-192943.jpg20130602-192953.jpgMy box! I love Julep’s packaging. So cute.


Another month and another hard decision on what box to get. I liked all the colors in my normal It Girl box but I wanted to try out the new DD cream. So after much debating and changing my box a few times, thank goodness the window is open for 5 days, I went with the Bombshell box. Of course I couldn’t just get the box. So I also got three add-on polishes.

The freebie in the box this month was three pieces of salt water taffy. I love taffy and anytime someone at my work went on vacation they were required to bring back taffy. I work with a different group now so I might not get taffy anymore so I’m happy it was included.


This month Julep introduced a DD cream, a combination between a BB and a CC cream. I got the shade in light, which I was nervous about since it looked really dark in Julep’s swatches. While this is darker than my normal skin tone it blended out very nicely. I only tried it on my hand but there was a noticeable difference between the two hands. The one with the DD cream looked smoother and had an even tone. So sounds like a great product for me, right? Nope. 😦 This has a very strong sunscreen scent, which aggravates my allergies. So, this will be given away. I’m trying to convince my mom that she should wear it. She is super low maintenance so I’m playing up the sunscreen protection.


The back of the package so you can look at the product info.


The first polish is Raegan. This is a dark almost raspberry pink. It reminds me of a shiny Avery but Raegan is darker.


The next polish is the reason why I choose this box, Payton. This is a spring green. The swatch is much cooler than the actual polish. The bottle picture is much more accurate. This is a very thin polish and it almost needed three coats on the swatch wheel. Still love it and it will be my next polish I use.


Now on to the add-ons.

First one is Bunny. This is a white with a gold shimmer. The gold is really only noticeable in the bottle but not on the nail unless you are looking for it. Not disappointed in that since I wanted the polish when I thought it was just a plain white polish.


Next one is Char. This is a cross between a navy and a royal blue.


And the last polish I got is Dianne. This is a muted mint green. I have similar polishes to this but it is just so hard for me to pass up a mint green polish.


So that’s what I got this month from Julep. Now the countdown begins until next month box.


6 thoughts on “Julep Maven box June 2013

  1. Hope my Boho Glam box arrives soon! It has Dianne in it and after seeing your pics, I’m even more excited for my mint green polish!!! (I also picked Bunny and the DD concealer for add-ons)

  2. Dianna is definitely my favourite! I’m glad to hear that it was the scent and not the actual makeup you had an issue with the DD cream, I’ve been reading pretty horrible comments about it. I actually skipped this month but hopefully Julep has something exciting for July all planned 🙂 I’m also glad I didn’t order Bunny, it looked like plain white in the photos, and a gold shimmer in white sounded pretty, but since you can’t really see it, I probably would have been disappointed since I don’t actually need more white polish. Great review!

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