First Impressions: Birchbox June 2013


So first thing, Birchbox got a new look. Gone is the cute pink birch square and in its place is the design below and the picture above. I like the old logo design better but they are using this one since they feel it is more globally appealing as they now have offices in New York, London, Paris, and Madrid. The box itself also got a makeover. The box is a little more sturdy and now has a super cute chevron design on the inside.


This month’s theme is Wanderlust which is perfect since I am actually going on a work trip next week. It will be my first time in Chicago and I’m super excited! Anyway back to the box. My Birchboxes have been pretty awesome lately and this is no exception. If you are interested in your own box and want to help me out click here.

Here is all my goodies. See the cute chevron pattern I was talking about?


The first thing in the box is the Birchbox + Color Club polish in Reign in Spain. Birchbox worked with Color Club to make a four polish collection to represent their four locations. As I’m sure you can tell by the name I got the color that represents their Madrid office. This is a bright neon peach. This color is awesome for summer. It took three coats to cover the nail wheel so I might have to use polish thinner before using it in my nails. In case you are wondering the other colors in the set were a neon mint green (the one I really wanted), a purple,and white polish.

Full size: $8 for set of four mini polishes


The next item is the DevaCurl 3-Step System. I have used DevaCurl before, not sure if I used this one, no poo, or if I used the low poo. When I used it before I thought it was okay but I didn’t like it enough to buy again. The gel was also decent, but again while it worked it didn’t impress me enough to buy again. I haven’t used these packets yet because I’m going to take them with me on my work trip. These will fit much better in my 1oz baggy for the airport then little plastic bottles. I’m a little nervous about taking untried products on a trip but I’ll be brave. If my hair ends up looking horrible I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I will probably never see any of the people at this conference again and librarians tend look eccentric anyway.

Full size: $19 for each


The next item is the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black. This is a felt tip liquid liner and it applies wonderfully. I love liquid liners, especially if it is the felt tip variety. This also came off easily when I washed my makeup off, which leads me to believe that this isn’t waterproof. Saying that it didn’t move and it looked the same before I washed it off for the night as it did that morning when I applied it. I thought this was great and Birchbox’s website shows that it comes it several other colors so I might buy another liner in navy.

I used liner in my Glamour Doll Eyes post so click here to check it out.

Full size: $15


The next item is the suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. This is a two-in-one cleanser and sugar exfoliator that lathers, which is pretty cool. This also smells wonderful, nice and lemony. This worked really well, my face felt nice and squeaky clean. My sensitive skin is not a fan of exfoliation so I can’t use this too often. Also I would only use this in the shower as I prefer to use a facial soap that I can use on my eyes when taking off makeup, my favorite product for that is Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. Overall I really liked this product and definitely will use up my sample not sure about a full size purchase.

The nail polish I’m wearing in the picture is Zoya Gemma, in case you were wondering.

Full size: $32.95


The last item in the box was a Lifestyle Extra of Tweezerman Matchbox Itty Bitty Nail Files. While I think the packaging and the files themselves are really cute I just not a nail filer person. I just can’t get the hang of filing my nails. Also the the file grit seems kind of sparse for this to be an effective filer. I think I’m going to give these away even though they are tiny and cute.

Full size: $5 (which I think is what this is)


Birchbox also included in the box five postcards to celebrate their new offices. These are really cute. I have seen on the Makeuptalk Forum that people were going to frame them, which I think I might do too.


So that’s my box for the month. Another great month! Can’t wait until next month. I’ve read that the box will be themed around the USA network show “Suits”. I have never seen the show before so I have no idea what kinda of products would be going in the box. All I know about the show is that it is set in a lawyer firm and there is a guy pretending to be a lawyer because he never went to law school.

Until next time!

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