First Impressions: Ipsy bag June 2013


Time for another Ipsy bag. First off I just have to get this out of the way. Ever since they switched shipping partners I’ve been getting my bag later and later. Anyone else having this problem? Okay, now that is off my chest l can move on with the review. As you can see from the picture above the theme this month is On the Wild Side. Except for one thing, nothing in the bag is wild. Would have been nice to get some bright bold pieces in the bag. The items in the bag are leaving me kinda meh, but that could be because I didn’t get the variations I wanted. So let’s get into the box. If you are interested in your own bag and want to help me out click here.

Here all all the goodies for this month. Normally I’m not an animal print kind of person but I think this bag is really cute. It would be perfect if it was bigger. As you can see in the picture below it barely fits all this month’s items in the bag.


Here is another picture of the bag.


The first item in the bag is probably the worst item I have gotten from Ipsy and that is the J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in Suzie. This is just chunky glitter suspended in a vaseline type gel. My eyes are way too sensitive to try this as an eyeshadow and I would be afraid of the damage that could happen if I got the glitter in my eyes. I read that some people had success putting this in their hair, but that is not me. Also I don’t go anywhere that having body glitter on would ever be appropriate. So big fail for me. This was in everyone’s bag so there was no way I could have avoided this, which makes getting this a little better. The last picture in the trio kinda shows how the glitter is just mixed into the clear gel.


The next item is the Starlooks lip pencil in Tickle Me Pink. I’m not a lip pencil wearer but I liked this enough I might actually use it. It goes on smoothly and blends out to a pretty pinky mauve lip color. Since it is a lip pencil it stayed for a long time and it wasn’t too drying. The only downside is that it is a wooden pencil that needs to be sharped. The day I wore it I blended the line out and just put a lip gloss over it. Turned out great.


The next item is the NYX blush in Spice. This is a nice, highly pigmented, mauve blush. I tapped twice on the blush and it was a little too much color on my cheeks. It is a nice color on me and I will use this. The only disappointment I have is that I wanted the other variations that were in some of the bags, the cream blush or the mosaic blush. I don’t have blushes like that so it would have been nice to try something new. I guess I can’t complain since I got a blush that looks good on me. I like the compact size of the case and I think this is going to go in my travel makeup bag.


The next item is the Cailyn Line Fix gel liner in purple. This is really nice dark purple liner. It goes on smoothly, almost as smooth as my Tarte gel liners, and it didn’t move until I washed it off. As much as I like it, I already have a purple gel liner from Tarte so I was really hoping I would have gotten the Iron colored one. Oh well. It is neat that the cap has a built in brush but it makes for very clunky packaging and hard to store. Also the packaging itself feels cheap. I guess that doesn’t matter if the product inside is good. The brush is only okay for me. I like really thin lines of liner and the thinnest it can go is too thick for my liking.


Another picture to show the brush.


The last item in the bag is another J. Cat Beauty item. This one is the eyelashes in UN13, made with 100% human hair. Is 100% human hair something desired in false lashes? This is the only product I haven’t tried yet. I think I have pretty decent lashes also I completely suck at putting fake lashes on. This is also another case of having no where to go that I would need to have vavavoom lashes. I do like how it comes with its own lash glue.


Here is a picture of me using some of the products. Well, all of the products except for the glitter and the lashes. In the picture I used the liner, the blush and the lip liner plus my Urban Decay Feminine palette. I liked how this turned out, pretty and springy. On my lips is just the lip liner blended out.


A close up of my eye look. From the Feminine palette I used swf in the inner lid, aquarius in the middle lid, and ecstacy on the outer lid and used stray dog in the crease to blend the colors.


Here is a picture of the palette I used. *NOTE: This did not come in my Ipsy bag but was purchased by myself at a separate time.*


So out of the five, I will definitely use 2 of the items, the eye liner and the blush, so I guess I can’t complain too much. If you got this bag this month did you like what you got? And most importantly how are you going to use the glitter palette?

3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Ipsy bag June 2013

  1. I didn’t get Ipsy this month but I did swap somebody for the Chella highlighter 🙂 It just arrived today and I’m excited to try it out, that seemed like a good product but I didn’t realize it also had to be sharpened. I don’t have a sharpener that is the right size, so that’s annoying. Otherwise it seemed like a pretty good month, I like the purple eyeliner but it’s too bad you already had one!

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