Julep Maven July 2013


The theme from Julep this month is “The California Coast”. Since I’ve never been on the California coast I’ll have to take their word for it. Overall I think this is a weird collection. Don’t get me wrong, I think all the polishes are beautiful but more suited for a fall box, since most of the colors are dark, than a summer box. I went with the It Girl box this month, it has a yellow polish and there are not many yellow polishes that I can pass up. So let’s get into the box.

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The first thing in the box is the beauty extra, which is Green Tea blotting sheets. These worked really well and have a nice green tea floral scent.


The first polish is Angela. This is a dark gray polish with a teal and dark blue duochrome. This needed at least two coats before you can even see the teal and dark blue color.

This picture shows the duochrome in the polish.


The next polish is Tracy. This is a sea salt texture polish and it has dark blue, light blue and silver glitter or what ever sea salt polishes are made of. Not sure I understand the concept of these texture polishes but this one is gorgeous, especially in the sunlight.


It was so pretty that I had to put it on. Went on easily and was completely opaque after two coats.


The next polish is Nadia. This is a butter yellow with a slight shimmer. Really pretty and a good yellow for people afraid of wearing yellow.


Of course I couldn’t just get my box. Here are my add-ons.

My first add-on is Blakely. The is a dark purple and green duochrome.


A close up of the bottle.


The next polish is Adele. This is a peach shimmer top coat. Really pretty!


And here is Adele over Nadia.


And my last polish is Fireworks. The perfect polish for celebrating Independence Day with red, blue and silver glitter.


And here is the look I wear for the 4th. I also used Julep Sharon (the red polish), Julep Char (the blue polish), and Zoya Purity (the white polish) with Fireworks layered on top.


So that’s what I got this month. Thanks for reading! 🙂

One thought on “Julep Maven July 2013

  1. All really pretty! I’m getting Blakely in a swap and I’m excited for it but otherwise I skipped this box… wish I had gotten Tracey though, gorgeous!


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