POPSUGAR Must Have Box July 2013


Time for another POPSUGAR Must Have Box. After two awesome months this box was a little bit of a let down. So let me show what I got in my box.

The box items.


MUST HAVE FASHION: Baublebar Rose Gold Double Curb Chain necklace

This is a heavy necklace! I wasn’t sure about the necklace, I’m not really one for statement pieces, but I got a bunch of compliments when I wore it to work. So I guess this is a keeper.




MUST HAVE BEAUTY: Supergoop! SPF 30 Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum

This seems like a neat idea, give your skin anti-aging benefits and protect it from the sun in one product. Only problem, at least for me, is that this is a chemical sunscreen. So I won’t be able to wear this.



MUST HAVE FOOD: Mighty Leaf Iced Tea in Calypso Mango

I’m not a tea drinker. I know, I’m a bad southerner. My Mom loves tea but she hates mango so she didn’t want to try this. I ended up giving it away to my aunt.



MUST HAVE HOME: Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray

These are neat. It is an ice tray that makes two inch cubes, which melt slower than regular sized ice cubes. So you get a cold drink that isn’t watered down. I’m saving this for my brother. He is planning on buying a house soon so this would be a good house warming gift.





This is a smoky lavender nail polish. This is a little streaky and required three coats on the swatch to fully cover.



MUST HAVE FOOD: Hannahmax Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips

The name of this is ridiculously long but this was my favorite thing in the box. When I first saw them I was kinda disappointed because I’m not a fan of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I decided to give them a try anyway. These were so good! Light and crispy, they tasted like freshly baked cookies. I would love more but these are $6 a bag. As amazing as these are that just seems crazy to spend of a bag of cookie chips.



So that is my box for the month. Next month is their anniversary so I cant wait to see what kinda goodies will be in that box. If you got this box what was your favorite item?

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