Julep Summer Days Mystery box

This is Julep’s mystery box for the month of July. They had three options, summer days, summer nights and combo of both for $15 more. I also got an additional Maven box. If you don’t remember I got the It Girl box, which doesn’t contain product. Well, I heard so many good things about the dry oil spray that I wanted to try for myself. For $2 more I got the Boho Glam box, which has the dry oil spray and the two polishes.

First up is the mystery box. As I said before this is the Summer Days box, version 1.

Here is what I got.


Not too great of a box for me. I already have the green polish and I certainly have no need for a nude polish.

The non polish product is the Lip Vernis in Peony. This is a nice lip gloss, not too sticky and adds a nice color to the lips.


Now for the polishes. Every box included two new glitter polishes, Monica and Kyla. Every polish has two coats on the swatch except for Gemma, which has three.





Now on to the Boho Glam box. These polishes are gorgeous and really enforces the silly decision I made in not just upgrading for the complete collection.

First up is the Beach Tonic dry body oil. I think the packaging is so cute. Anyway this spray is to be used right after you get out the shower before you dry off. I liked this and found it moisturizing but I do think this is little too much perfume in it for me. The scent doesn’t last too long so I have been able to use this.


Now for the polishes.



So that is what I got in my mystery box this month.

One thought on “Julep Summer Days Mystery box

  1. Disappointing mystery box but I do love the green polish even though it sucks it was a dupe! I just got Faye in a swap cause I skipped that month and I’m excited to try it out, it looks pretty.


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