Julep Maven box August 2013 and Golden Mystery box


Time for another Julep box! August celebrates Julep’s 2nd anniversary of their Maven program. Since it was their anniversary they had a special mystery box in their Secret Store. If you don’t know, the Secret Store is available to people who got their Maven box and includes discounted items and special nail polish sets.

So enough chit chat let’s get into these boxes.

Inside the box.


The monthly quote.


The extra item for the month. I have a black thumb so I will probably not use these. Cute idea though since the monthly theme was Garden Party.


Since I forgot to say before, the box I got this month is Modern Beauty. This is the box that has two beauty products and no polish, which is a box I never thought I would have ever have gotten. I wasn’t a fan of any of the polishes this month enough to get one of the polish boxes and I really wanted to try the masks, which only came in this box or as a $15 upgrade. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t used anything in the box yet so this post is just to show you what I got.

So the first item is the DoubleStep foot treatment & friction stick. This similar to the Band-Aid brand version of their friction stick.


The next item is Moisture Mask Trio. This has 3 masks, one for nails, one for hands, and one for the feet. I can’t wait to use these as my hands, feet, and nails need all the moisture it can get.



Of course I couldn’t go a month without getting at least one nail polish so I added Sylvia to my box. The polish side of the picture is more accurate than the swatch side. This is a smoky purple polish that is perfect to go from summer to fall.


Now on to the Golden Mystery box. So this is how my box came. I was worried that the items would be damaged or missing things. Luckily everything was okay!


I believe this is box version #1. Here all the goodies.


First up are these super cute earrings.


The next item is the hand cream with SPF 30. This is a chemical sunscreen so I probably won’t be using this.


The next item is Oxygen Nail Treatment, which is a treatment to help with thin, weak, and nail prone to peeling. I have this and haven’t noticed any great change in my nails.


Now on to the polishes. I got four in this box and no repeats! This is the only box that didn’t have repeats for me so I really lucked out with this box.





So that’s what I got! When I get a chance to use the masks I’ll be sure to let you know how they work out.

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