POPSUGAR Must Have Box August 2013


This August box marks POPSUGAR’s one year anniversary. And I think this is becoming one of my favorite boxes. So let me show you what I got.

Must Have Anniversary Gift: Gorjana Open Circle Necklace

This is a gift to the subscribers to celebrate their anniversary. While I think this necklace is cute and delicate I wish it was on a longer necklace. It is a checker on my neck, which is a no go for me.



Must Have Home: Bentgo

This is a bento box that comes with its own utensils. This is also microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Can’t wait to use this and as it will be prefect to bring lunch to work.



Must Have Beauty: Lulah Body Wash in Magnolia Fig

This is a shower gel. It smells really perfumey so I don’t know if I’ll be able to use this but the bottle is pretty.



Must Have Home: May Designs Weekly Agenda Notebook

This is a weekly to do notebook. I think this is so cute and is slim enough to throw in my purse. I went of this company’s website and they are a ton of cute designs that you can use to custom make your own notebook. If you are interested in checking it out yourself click here. Don’t worry, that link is not referral or affiliate link.



Must Have Home: Lunares Apple Bowl

It is a decorative apple bowl. I don’t know I just think this is so random. Though this can also be used for food and is oven safe. Not quite sure what I will be doing with this yet. I’m leaning towards giving this as a gift. It’s a shame I am not close to any teachers. Well, I have an uncle who teaches but I don’t think he would appreciate a decorative apple bowl.



Must Have Beauty: Dermalogica Precleanse and Special Cleansing Gel

This is a two part cleansing system. The Precleanse is an oil cleanser and takes off makeup and oil. After the Precleanse is rinsed off from the face you use the Special Cleansing Gel to take off any residue and deep clean your face. I’m really liking these two cleansers. The Precleanser completely replaces the need for eye makeup remover and cleaning cloths. These also work well on the eyes and don’t burn. This also isn’t too drying. The only down side is the smell. I’m not a fan of lavender and that is the predominate scent. The good thing is the scent doesn’t last too long.



Special Extra: Naturebox Granny Smith Apples

Naturebox is a monthly subscription box that is $20 a month and gives you 5 healthy snacks a month. I have a subscription to Naturebox and I love it. Everything, for the most part, has been really yummy. This is one of the few snacks I didn’t like. I usually love apple chips but these are spongey and chewy. No thanks.



So that is everything I got. If you are interested in your own Popsugar Box use REFER5 for $5 off your first box. If you would to help me out and use my referral codes for Popsugar or Naturebox send me an email and I will send you an email invite.


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