Julep Maven September 2013

Julep Maven for September was interesting. I wasn’t thrilled with the colors but I really wanted to try their new oil cleanser Bare Face since I love the Dermalogica one so much. I went back and forth on what box to get and settled on the Bombshell box. The polishes looked interesting and I would get to try the new cleanser.

So the first thing in the box was the beauty extra, one polish remover wipe.


The Bare Face is Julep’s new oil face cleanser. First off I love how this smells, nice and citrusy! I pumped two pumps into my dry hands and apply to my dry face. After the oil has been massaged into my skin I wet my face and scrub some more. I then take a wet cloth and hot water and get the oil off my face. It takes off my makeup and doesn’t make my skin feel oily after using it. My only complaint is that it doesn’t take all my waterproof eye makeup off. So for that reason I like the Dermalogica Precleanse better.


Before I get into the polishes I got I should let you know that Julep polishes have a new look. Well, the bottle themselves look the same but the outer package is new.


So the first polish in the box is Daria. This is a cream polish in a medium gray. I don’t have any grays in my polish collection so I thought this would be good addition.


The other polish in the box is Karmen. This is a micro shimmer of red and golds. As I’ve said before red polishes are not my thing but this polish is gorgeous! Probably like it because of the gold but I’ll take it.

Here is another picture to show the different colors.


Of course I got some add-ons. Dang you, Julep, and your excellent marketing statergy!

The first thing is the Konjac sponge. This sponge is designed to go with the Bare Face cleanser and to provide a gentle exfoliation. It comes with a string built in to the sponge and comes with a hook so you can hang up your sponge to dry. That is my favorite part of the sponge. I just don’t think there is anything special about this. Maybe I’m using it wrong, who knows.


I also picked up two polishes, Reece (a blackish purple with holographic shimmer) and Candace (brown and gold micro shimmer).



So that is my September box. My next manicure will definitely be Karmen. I have to say I was surprised how much I love a red polish.

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