Nail of the Day: Blue and Glitter

Here is another addition of Nail of the Day. This nothing fancy but I wanted to show you. I started off with Butter London Keks. I hated how it looked. This was a difficult polish to work with, weirdly thick and applied very unevenly. After two coats the polish looked lumpy on my nails. It also dried to a weird half matte finish. That wasn’t too big of a deal because a shiny top coat can take care of that. But overall I just didn’t like how this color look. I needed to fix this and what better way to improve a polish you don’t like? That’s right, GLITTER!!! So I added Butter London Lovely Jubbly on the tips. Here is the final results.



Here are the colors I used.


So that’s my look. Once I added the glitter I liked the blue much better. Hope you like it too.