First Impressions: Ipsy October 2013

For some reason it took me awhile to try any of the stuff in my subscription bags from October. I have finally got around using them so there is my First Impressions review of Ipsy.

First up is the bag. Not a huge fan of the bag. I looks just like the bag we got a few months ago but now with a quote.


The first item in my bag is Zoya nail polish in Neve. Out of the three Zoya polishes in the bags this is the one that I wanted. Yay! Zoya is my favorite brand so I’m always happy to get one in my bag.
Neve is a gorgeous navy blue with purple undertones. In some lights it looks blue and in some purple.


The next item is Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics mineral shimmer in Emotion. This was nice, nothing special mineral eyeshadow. It is a medium purple that works as a lid color or as a crease color.


The next item is Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay. This a hair spray and I don’t have a need for hair spray. If you have curly hair and use hair spray let me know. Maybe I’m missing something but I just don’t see a need for hair spray with curly hair.


The next item is Coastal Scents medium shadow brush BR-C-N02. This was a good brush with a good balance between firmness and softness. It picked up the eyeshadow really well. The only bad thing I would say is that this brush is a little too big for my eyelid so I think I would only use this for my brow highlight.


The last item is the Nourish Organic Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan body lotion. This is sold exclusively at Target so if you are interested in this you can find it there. I didn’t find anything special about this lotion. It is a light lotion and absorbs quickly. My hands are always dry, one of the downsides to working in a library, and I like heavy duty lotions. This one doesn’t seem to make much difference after using it. This smell is a little weird, not quite coconut and also a weird floral scent.


So that was my October Ipsy bag.


Julep Maven October 2013 box

Hi, reader! Long time no blog! I’m back with my latest Julep Maven box. I had a hard time picking a box this month. I didn’t like the polishes in my normal It Girl box but I wasn’t thrilled with the product featured in the other boxes, though it was interested in trying the face mask in the Modern Beauty box. After much personal debating I went with the Bombshell box. So without further adieu here’s my Maven box.

The quote of the month.


The extra this month is candy corn. I love candy corn so I was happy to see these. No one in my house likes these so I don’t buy them because eating a whole bag of candy corn would be bad. Pretty sure that would put a person into a diabetic coma.


The product this month is a double ended Kajal Eye Glider liner and sharpener. The brown side applied nicely but the black side was dry with an uneven application. Also after five minutes I swiped my hand, the brown smeared but the black stayed still. This also isn’t waterproof.



Now on to the polishes. Cleopatra is described as a latex polish, it is called latex because of how it looks not because latex is in it.



Of course I had to get add ons and I got three polishes. Casper is glow in the dark and Ciara is probably the most unique polish in my collection. I hope it looks just as good on my nails as it does on the swatch nail.




So that is my box. The two polishes I’m most excited about are Valerie and Ciara. They are both gorgeous and can’t wait to wear them.

Julep Maven September 2013

Julep Maven for September was interesting. I wasn’t thrilled with the colors but I really wanted to try their new oil cleanser Bare Face since I love the Dermalogica one so much. I went back and forth on what box to get and settled on the Bombshell box. The polishes looked interesting and I would get to try the new cleanser.

So the first thing in the box was the beauty extra, one polish remover wipe.


The Bare Face is Julep’s new oil face cleanser. First off I love how this smells, nice and citrusy! I pumped two pumps into my dry hands and apply to my dry face. After the oil has been massaged into my skin I wet my face and scrub some more. I then take a wet cloth and hot water and get the oil off my face. It takes off my makeup and doesn’t make my skin feel oily after using it. My only complaint is that it doesn’t take all my waterproof eye makeup off. So for that reason I like the Dermalogica Precleanse better.


Before I get into the polishes I got I should let you know that Julep polishes have a new look. Well, the bottle themselves look the same but the outer package is new.


So the first polish in the box is Daria. This is a cream polish in a medium gray. I don’t have any grays in my polish collection so I thought this would be good addition.


The other polish in the box is Karmen. This is a micro shimmer of red and golds. As I’ve said before red polishes are not my thing but this polish is gorgeous! Probably like it because of the gold but I’ll take it.

Here is another picture to show the different colors.


Of course I got some add-ons. Dang you, Julep, and your excellent marketing statergy!

The first thing is the Konjac sponge. This sponge is designed to go with the Bare Face cleanser and to provide a gentle exfoliation. It comes with a string built in to the sponge and comes with a hook so you can hang up your sponge to dry. That is my favorite part of the sponge. I just don’t think there is anything special about this. Maybe I’m using it wrong, who knows.


I also picked up two polishes, Reece (a blackish purple with holographic shimmer) and Candace (brown and gold micro shimmer).



So that is my September box. My next manicure will definitely be Karmen. I have to say I was surprised how much I love a red polish.

Julep Maven box August 2013 and Golden Mystery box


Time for another Julep box! August celebrates Julep’s 2nd anniversary of their Maven program. Since it was their anniversary they had a special mystery box in their Secret Store. If you don’t know, the Secret Store is available to people who got their Maven box and includes discounted items and special nail polish sets.

So enough chit chat let’s get into these boxes.

Inside the box.


The monthly quote.


The extra item for the month. I have a black thumb so I will probably not use these. Cute idea though since the monthly theme was Garden Party.


Since I forgot to say before, the box I got this month is Modern Beauty. This is the box that has two beauty products and no polish, which is a box I never thought I would have ever have gotten. I wasn’t a fan of any of the polishes this month enough to get one of the polish boxes and I really wanted to try the masks, which only came in this box or as a $15 upgrade. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t used anything in the box yet so this post is just to show you what I got.

So the first item is the DoubleStep foot treatment & friction stick. This similar to the Band-Aid brand version of their friction stick.


The next item is Moisture Mask Trio. This has 3 masks, one for nails, one for hands, and one for the feet. I can’t wait to use these as my hands, feet, and nails need all the moisture it can get.



Of course I couldn’t go a month without getting at least one nail polish so I added Sylvia to my box. The polish side of the picture is more accurate than the swatch side. This is a smoky purple polish that is perfect to go from summer to fall.


Now on to the Golden Mystery box. So this is how my box came. I was worried that the items would be damaged or missing things. Luckily everything was okay!


I believe this is box version #1. Here all the goodies.


First up are these super cute earrings.


The next item is the hand cream with SPF 30. This is a chemical sunscreen so I probably won’t be using this.


The next item is Oxygen Nail Treatment, which is a treatment to help with thin, weak, and nail prone to peeling. I have this and haven’t noticed any great change in my nails.


Now on to the polishes. I got four in this box and no repeats! This is the only box that didn’t have repeats for me so I really lucked out with this box.





So that’s what I got! When I get a chance to use the masks I’ll be sure to let you know how they work out.

Julep Summer Days Mystery box

This is Julep’s mystery box for the month of July. They had three options, summer days, summer nights and combo of both for $15 more. I also got an additional Maven box. If you don’t remember I got the It Girl box, which doesn’t contain product. Well, I heard so many good things about the dry oil spray that I wanted to try for myself. For $2 more I got the Boho Glam box, which has the dry oil spray and the two polishes.

First up is the mystery box. As I said before this is the Summer Days box, version 1.

Here is what I got.


Not too great of a box for me. I already have the green polish and I certainly have no need for a nude polish.

The non polish product is the Lip Vernis in Peony. This is a nice lip gloss, not too sticky and adds a nice color to the lips.


Now for the polishes. Every box included two new glitter polishes, Monica and Kyla. Every polish has two coats on the swatch except for Gemma, which has three.





Now on to the Boho Glam box. These polishes are gorgeous and really enforces the silly decision I made in not just upgrading for the complete collection.

First up is the Beach Tonic dry body oil. I think the packaging is so cute. Anyway this spray is to be used right after you get out the shower before you dry off. I liked this and found it moisturizing but I do think this is little too much perfume in it for me. The scent doesn’t last too long so I have been able to use this.


Now for the polishes.



So that is what I got in my mystery box this month.

Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox


In case you have never hear of Influesnter, it is a site similar to BzzAgent in that the site gives you products, if you qualify, for free to try in exchange for a review and exposure on social media. I was lucky enough to be selected for the Sunkissed VoxBox. If you are interested in Influenster I have five email invites I can send out so the first five people toemail me will get an email request from me.

Due to the nature of the Influenster program I will have individual reviews in separate posts on the items instead of a general first impressions review.

So here are the products in the box.


And here is the product card with more information.


The first item in the box is the Dr. Scholls for Her high heel insoles. I don’t actually own any high heels as I am on my feet a lot at work to justify wearing heels. Plus flats are just way too comfortable to wear heels. I will see how they work in flats I guess.

Price: $10.99


The next item is the Olay Fresh Effects BB cream Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 in the shade fair/light. This comes in two shades, the one I got and also in light/medium. This has chemical sunscreen in it and while the sunscreen smell isn’t too strong it still smells like sunscreen. Yuck! The one nice thing is that this is light enough for my fair skin. Too bad about the chemical sunscreen in it.

Price: $12.99



The next item is the SinfulShine with Gel Tech nail polish in the shade Come Hither. This comes in 32 different shades is for a limited time exclusively at Walgreens. While I’m not thrilled with the color, it did swatch very nicely and was opaque easily with two coats. This is also has great shine without even applying a top coat.

Price: $2.99


The last item in the box is the Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics. These are just like the Twistband hair ties but much cheaper. Probably my favorite thing in the box.

Price: $3.99-$4.99



So that is my box. Look for more detailed reviews of these products coming soon.

Note: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.


Julep Maven July 2013


The theme from Julep this month is “The California Coast”. Since I’ve never been on the California coast I’ll have to take their word for it. Overall I think this is a weird collection. Don’t get me wrong, I think all the polishes are beautiful but more suited for a fall box, since most of the colors are dark, than a summer box. I went with the It Girl box this month, it has a yellow polish and there are not many yellow polishes that I can pass up. So let’s get into the box.

As always If you are interesting in Julep Maven and want to help me out by using my referral code click here.

The first thing in the box is the beauty extra, which is Green Tea blotting sheets. These worked really well and have a nice green tea floral scent.


The first polish is Angela. This is a dark gray polish with a teal and dark blue duochrome. This needed at least two coats before you can even see the teal and dark blue color.

This picture shows the duochrome in the polish.


The next polish is Tracy. This is a sea salt texture polish and it has dark blue, light blue and silver glitter or what ever sea salt polishes are made of. Not sure I understand the concept of these texture polishes but this one is gorgeous, especially in the sunlight.


It was so pretty that I had to put it on. Went on easily and was completely opaque after two coats.


The next polish is Nadia. This is a butter yellow with a slight shimmer. Really pretty and a good yellow for people afraid of wearing yellow.


Of course I couldn’t just get my box. Here are my add-ons.

My first add-on is Blakely. The is a dark purple and green duochrome.


A close up of the bottle.


The next polish is Adele. This is a peach shimmer top coat. Really pretty!


And here is Adele over Nadia.


And my last polish is Fireworks. The perfect polish for celebrating Independence Day with red, blue and silver glitter.


And here is the look I wear for the 4th. I also used Julep Sharon (the red polish), Julep Char (the blue polish), and Zoya Purity (the white polish) with Fireworks layered on top.


So that’s what I got this month. Thanks for reading! đŸ™‚