Nail of the Day: Seafoam Green Shimmer

I had two polishes on my hand that I thought were okay but nothing spectacular. Zoya Wednesday is nice but kinda dull, well dull for me as I like bright nails. I had seen pictures of Orly Sparkling Garbage and loved the color. I couldn’t find it in stores so I ordered it online. When I got I was disappointed that it wasn’t an opaque halo polish. I then noticed Zoya Wednesday and had an Ah Ha moment. I love the result and I think it brings out the best in both polishes.

So now what you were waiting for, some pictures.

The polishes used:

The nail look:



Sparkling Garbage by itself:


The pictures don’t do the halo aspect justice so you’ll just have to trust me how pretty this is. đŸ˜‰