First Impressions: Ipsy October 2013

For some reason it took me awhile to try any of the stuff in my subscription bags from October. I have finally got around using them so there is my First Impressions review of Ipsy.

First up is the bag. Not a huge fan of the bag. I looks just like the bag we got a few months ago but now with a quote.


The first item in my bag is Zoya nail polish in Neve. Out of the three Zoya polishes in the bags this is the one that I wanted. Yay! Zoya is my favorite brand so I’m always happy to get one in my bag.
Neve is a gorgeous navy blue with purple undertones. In some lights it looks blue and in some purple.


The next item is Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics mineral shimmer in Emotion. This was nice, nothing special mineral eyeshadow. It is a medium purple that works as a lid color or as a crease color.


The next item is Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay. This a hair spray and I don’t have a need for hair spray. If you have curly hair and use hair spray let me know. Maybe I’m missing something but I just don’t see a need for hair spray with curly hair.


The next item is Coastal Scents medium shadow brush BR-C-N02. This was a good brush with a good balance between firmness and softness. It picked up the eyeshadow really well. The only bad thing I would say is that this brush is a little too big for my eyelid so I think I would only use this for my brow highlight.


The last item is the Nourish Organic Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan body lotion. This is sold exclusively at Target so if you are interested in this you can find it there. I didn’t find anything special about this lotion. It is a light lotion and absorbs quickly. My hands are always dry, one of the downsides to working in a library, and I like heavy duty lotions. This one doesn’t seem to make much difference after using it. This smell is a little weird, not quite coconut and also a weird floral scent.


So that was my October Ipsy bag.


First Impressions: Ipsy bag September 2013


Hi, reader! Before I get into the review I just have to say that I’m not liking the update to the WordPress iPad app. I wrote the whole review and when I went to upload it the entire post I wrote disappeared! Sigh! So now I have to write the whole thing all over again.

To continue with the whining tread I wasn’t that happy with my Ipsy bag this month. Nothing impressed me and except for one item I don’t see me using anything I got.

First up here is the bag. While I like the blue color I don’t like the pattern at all. It looks like a makeup bag you would pick up from the dollar store. Saying that I watched a few YouTube unboxing videos and they thought this bag was cute so maybe I’m just picky.


The first item is the It’s So B!G volumizing mascara by Elizabeth Mott. My first impression was this mascara was misnamed as it was NOT volumizing. The only thing this mascara did was make my lashes black.


The next item is the Starlooks Kohl eye pencil in Obsidian. Honestly! I cancelled my subscription to the Starlooks Starbox for a reason. I know I say this all the time but I hate pencil liners. While this one is okay in the application the pigmentation was not great. Comes off as more dark grey than black.


The next item is the Victoria Jackson Taupe eyebrow pencil. I got an eyebrow pencil last month from Ipsy and while this one is better in terms of color match this is not something I would use. I have thick brows so I don’t need a pencil to fill in my brows. I also wish the point was a little thinner. My mom will be getting this.


The next item is the Cailyn tinted lip balm in Big Apple. Another item that is misnamed. This acts and feels more like a lipstick. For a lip balm this not moisturizing at all. Also the color when applied is a little matte. I do like it as a lip color and will use it. I do dislike this packaging though. I like that the lip brush is built in but I think the packaging is bulky and doesn’t make it easy to throw in your purse.



The last item in the bag is the NYX eyeshadow in Velvet Suede. In the pot this is a silvery blue with purple and blue sparkle. Applied it only looks silver and the pigmentation is not that great. I was able to make the blue show up when I used a white eyeshadow base.


Here is a picture using everything in my bag. I also used my Urban Decay Naked 1 palette for the eyeshadow Gunmetal as the crease color.




Here is an eye look using the NYX Velvet Suede eyeshadow over the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk. I also used the purple shadows I used in the Purple Autumn eye look.



So that’s my bag. If you got a September Ipsy bag hopefully you like your bag more than I liked mine.


Birchbox and Ipsy August 2013

Hi everyone. So I’m late again with my Birchbox and Ipsy posts so I am combining them again this month.

Since I have a lot to share let’s just get started.

The theme for Birchbox this month was Finishing School, with the boxes this month giving you items to help you finish a look.


The first item is the Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF 45+. Like all BB creams this is supposed to help even out your skintone, protect against the sun, and do other helpful skin beneficial things. First off this does not have that icky sunscreen smell! but this one size fits all color is a little too dark for my skin. It does blend out nicely and doesn’t look really obvious that I’m wearing something too dark for my skin tone. This does a decent job of evening out my skin tone but I still put my regular foundation on over it. I don’t think I would buy the full size but I will finish up the sample.

Full size: $39


As you can see, this is a little too dark for me. The pale pasty hand on the left is without the BB cream and the hand on the right has it on.


The next item is the Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes. These wipes are for quickly refreshing your feet. These smelled nice and pepperminty. I am a morning shower person so I think these are a great idea to use so I won’t but dirty feet in my bed.

Full size: $25.95


The next item is the ModelCo party Proof lipstick in Kitty. This is a semi-matte lipstick that is hydrating and long lasting. While I do agree that this is hydrating, I don’t think it is any longer lasting than other lipsticks. This has a nice fruity scent and goes on smoothly. Kitty is a great nude color for me. It gives a little bit of color and doesn’t wash out my lips.

Full size: set of three for $24



The next item is the Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect spray. This is a leave in conditioner that protects your hair from heat style and uv rays, and detangles. I was not that impressed with this. While it did a decent job detangling, it is not a good leave in conditioner.

Full size: $32


The last item in the box is the Miss Jessie’s Original Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo. This product is to help conquer tangles, dryness, and frizz. This shampoo has a really weird texture. One time I had a craft at work to make slime and that is what this shampoo feels like. This shampoo also does not get foamy or bubbly. Though it did get my hair clean. I like the fruity smell.

Full size: $14


Everything I got in my box.


On to Ipsy. Their theme for this month was Glamour Academy. Obviously school was on Birchbox and Ipsy’s brain for this month.

The bag for this month.


The first item in the bag was MICAbeauty Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in Bronze. I looked on MICAbeauty’s website to see what a shimmer powder is and this is listed under the eyeshadow, which is a good thing because that is how I was using it. This is mineral eyeshadow that is a pretty golden peach shadow. It went on very smoothly and stayed on until I washed it off.

Here is an eye look I did using the Shimmer Powder. It is on the lid, not sure what else I used. I should really make this post when I take these pictures or at least make notes somewhere.


The next item is the Pixi Lash Booster mascara in black. This is an okay mascara, nothing special about it.


The next item is the Chella Dazzling Dark brown eyebrow color. I prefer powder to fill in my brows so I wasn’t that thrilled to get the pencil. Also this is a little too dark and red toned for my brows. I can get it to work but I rather use something else that I don’t have to make work.


The next item is the Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal facial scrub. This was my favorite thing in the bag. I have sensitive skin that becomes irritated with any scrub but this is gentle enough that I didn’t have any problems with it. The scrub bits are kinda spongey so while they scrub they are not too harsh. One suggestion I would make it to use this in your shower. The black charcoal part is kinda messy when removing it.


The last item is the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy. This is super pigmented and long lasting.


Here is everything I got in my Ipsy bag.


So that is what I got in my boxes this month.

Birchbox and Ipsy July 2013

Since I was bad this month with writing blog posts. And it is already August I thought it would be best to combine Birchbox and Ipsy together in one posts.

First up is Birchbox. For the July box they had the USA Network show “Suits” help curate the box and everyone got a product picked by them.

So here is what I got in my box.



The first item is the Kérastase Fondant Chroma Captive. This product is to keep your dyed hair shiny and last longer. This is not a conditioner but something to use after you wash your hair. You put it in and rinse it out after 2-3 minutes. I do dye my hair but I haven’t used this yet.

Full size: $41 (I think this is crazy expensive for what is essentially a L’Oreal product.)


The next item is the ModelCo Fibre LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara. This is a mascara with fibers in it to extend the length of your mascara. I gave this away as I have had bad experiences with fiber mascaras. I do think it is cool that the have a mirror on the bottle.

Full size: $24


The next item is theBalm cosmetics InStain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush in the shade Swiss Dot. This is a blush stain in powder form. This is definitely long lasting. I put it on at 8am and it was still there 12 hours later.

Full size: $22

I put in a large paper clip to show the size of the sample.


The next item and the Suits pick is Benta Berry G-1 Moisturizing Face cream. This is so full of perfume that I could barely wear this. This is also very matte and would be better for oily skin.

Full size: $22


The last item is Birchbox bobby pins. While I think these are really cute I feel that they are really big, at least for how I style my hair, and hard to put on.

Set of six, $5


So now on to the Ipsy bag.

The theme:


The bag:


The contents:


The first item is Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof Humidity Resistance Spray. This spray is used to protect your hair from humidity. Can’t say that I noticed any difference between using using this and not using it.


The next item is the Coola Mineral Sunscreen unscented with SPF 20. This is a physical sunscreen so no nasty sunscreen smell! Yay! This absorbs quickly and didn’t make my face greasy or effect my makeup. If this wasn’t so expensive, full size is $36 for 1.7 oz., I would definitely buy a full size.


The next item is the Nailtini polish in Mai Tai. Not a fan of the color, a tangerine orange, but it applied nicely on the swatch nail.


The next item is the Pop Beauty Pouty Pop crayon in Coral Crush. This applied nicely, feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick. I was surprised by how pink this was, more pink than coral.



The last item is the BH cosmetics California Collection eye palette. This is a collection of three eye shadows from their three California themed collections. The gold eyeshadow was the most pigmented and the purple color barely had any and was also hard to work with.



Here is a look I did using the palette.


Here is a look using the eye palette from the Ipsy bag and the blush from Birchbox.


So that is my two boxes for the month.

First Impressions: Ipsy bag June 2013


Time for another Ipsy bag. First off I just have to get this out of the way. Ever since they switched shipping partners I’ve been getting my bag later and later. Anyone else having this problem? Okay, now that is off my chest l can move on with the review. As you can see from the picture above the theme this month is On the Wild Side. Except for one thing, nothing in the bag is wild. Would have been nice to get some bright bold pieces in the bag. The items in the bag are leaving me kinda meh, but that could be because I didn’t get the variations I wanted. So let’s get into the box. If you are interested in your own bag and want to help me out click here.

Here all all the goodies for this month. Normally I’m not an animal print kind of person but I think this bag is really cute. It would be perfect if it was bigger. As you can see in the picture below it barely fits all this month’s items in the bag.


Here is another picture of the bag.


The first item in the bag is probably the worst item I have gotten from Ipsy and that is the J. Cat Beauty Sparkling Cream Palette in Suzie. This is just chunky glitter suspended in a vaseline type gel. My eyes are way too sensitive to try this as an eyeshadow and I would be afraid of the damage that could happen if I got the glitter in my eyes. I read that some people had success putting this in their hair, but that is not me. Also I don’t go anywhere that having body glitter on would ever be appropriate. So big fail for me. This was in everyone’s bag so there was no way I could have avoided this, which makes getting this a little better. The last picture in the trio kinda shows how the glitter is just mixed into the clear gel.


The next item is the Starlooks lip pencil in Tickle Me Pink. I’m not a lip pencil wearer but I liked this enough I might actually use it. It goes on smoothly and blends out to a pretty pinky mauve lip color. Since it is a lip pencil it stayed for a long time and it wasn’t too drying. The only downside is that it is a wooden pencil that needs to be sharped. The day I wore it I blended the line out and just put a lip gloss over it. Turned out great.


The next item is the NYX blush in Spice. This is a nice, highly pigmented, mauve blush. I tapped twice on the blush and it was a little too much color on my cheeks. It is a nice color on me and I will use this. The only disappointment I have is that I wanted the other variations that were in some of the bags, the cream blush or the mosaic blush. I don’t have blushes like that so it would have been nice to try something new. I guess I can’t complain since I got a blush that looks good on me. I like the compact size of the case and I think this is going to go in my travel makeup bag.


The next item is the Cailyn Line Fix gel liner in purple. This is really nice dark purple liner. It goes on smoothly, almost as smooth as my Tarte gel liners, and it didn’t move until I washed it off. As much as I like it, I already have a purple gel liner from Tarte so I was really hoping I would have gotten the Iron colored one. Oh well. It is neat that the cap has a built in brush but it makes for very clunky packaging and hard to store. Also the packaging itself feels cheap. I guess that doesn’t matter if the product inside is good. The brush is only okay for me. I like really thin lines of liner and the thinnest it can go is too thick for my liking.


Another picture to show the brush.


The last item in the bag is another J. Cat Beauty item. This one is the eyelashes in UN13, made with 100% human hair. Is 100% human hair something desired in false lashes? This is the only product I haven’t tried yet. I think I have pretty decent lashes also I completely suck at putting fake lashes on. This is also another case of having no where to go that I would need to have vavavoom lashes. I do like how it comes with its own lash glue.


Here is a picture of me using some of the products. Well, all of the products except for the glitter and the lashes. In the picture I used the liner, the blush and the lip liner plus my Urban Decay Feminine palette. I liked how this turned out, pretty and springy. On my lips is just the lip liner blended out.


A close up of my eye look. From the Feminine palette I used swf in the inner lid, aquarius in the middle lid, and ecstacy on the outer lid and used stray dog in the crease to blend the colors.


Here is a picture of the palette I used. *NOTE: This did not come in my Ipsy bag but was purchased by myself at a separate time.*


So out of the five, I will definitely use 2 of the items, the eye liner and the blush, so I guess I can’t complain too much. If you got this bag this month did you like what you got? And most importantly how are you going to use the glitter palette?

First Impression: Ipsy May 2013 bag


Time for another Ipsy bag review. Ipsy did things a little differently this month. Instead of everyone getting the same bag with only color variations, they had a bunch of different variations and items this month. Every bag got a Zoya polish from the recent Spring collection, Yaby concealer, and a Mirabella lipstick or Juice Beauty lipgloss. The other 2 items where surprises from about 8 different products.

If you are interested in Ipsy and want to help me out by using my referral link, click here.

I’m not too impressed with my bag. The concealer is way too dark for me, I have sensitivity to most perfume and the hair serum is not the type of product I like for my hair.

So enough with my complaining and let me show what I got in my bag.

First off I think this chevron bag is really cute. I’m really liking all the printed bag Ipsy has been sending out. And this bag matches my sunglasses case I got from the dollar store and now I can having matching bags in my purse.


The first item in the bag is the Zoya polish in Blu from the Lovely Spring 2013 collection. I really like Zoya and most of my polish collection is Zoya. And if you are looking for a good white nail polish, Zoya Purity is amazing!

Blu is whitish blue cream polish. It applied kinda streaky on the swatch card. I don’t know if I didn’t wait long enough before applying the second coat but the other polishes I was swatching at the same time didn’t give me the same problem. I think this pretty but I really wanted the yellow or the green polish from this collection.

Cost: $8


The next item is the Yaby concealer in Honey. This way too dark for my fair skin. I tried this as an under eye concealer and it was really dark and yellow. It worked okay but since I have such bad under eye circles I like something that brightens that area, not just conceal it. It applied smoothly and didn’t settle into lines, so that’s a plus. If Yaby’s website wasn’t such a mess I would be willing to try the concealer in another shade.

Cost: $4.85


The next item is the Mirabella lip sheer lipstick in Daydream. It has mango butter to moisturize your lips and helps it apply smoothly. Daydream is a pretty mauve shade leans on the purple side. Since I have been obsessed with purple lipsticks I was happy to add this to my collection. This is a sheer lipstick that works for the day and would be a good layering lipstick. I really like this product. It is sheer like a lipgloss but has the moisturizing and smooth application of a lipstick. This kinda reminds me of my favorite lip product, Maybelline Baby lips or the Revlon lip butters.

Cost: $22


The next item is the Pacifica Island Vanilla perfume roll-on. Pacifica’s website says, “inspired by the unique magic of Tahitian vanilla, this sensual blend sets sweet and sultry vanilla absolute, with honey-jasmine notes and a touch of fruitiness, against a deep and beautiful base of tea.” If you read my blog before you will know that I was really disappointed to see this was in my bag. Thankfully I didn’t get a headache from this and was able to wear this the whole day. It was good that it didn’t make me sick since this is long lasting and I was still smelling it on my wrists hours later. It is a nice smell, reminds me of vanilla extract. While I like the scent I think this would work better as a fall/winter perfume instead of a spring/summer perfume.

On a side note, I love Pacifica’s packaging. I think it is so pretty!

Cost: $12


The last item in my bag is the NuMe Finishing Serum. This a thick syrupy serum that reminds me of the John Freida serum. This is not a hair product I like for my hair. I think it’s too heavy and if you add too much your hair is greasy. This did nothing for my hair. While it was really humid on the day I tried it and most products don’t work in this weather, my hair was not only frizzy but some parts were not curled at all! That was really weird since I have Shirley Temple type curls and the only way I have straight hair if if I physically straighten it. This will be put in the give away box.

Full Size price is $29 for 2 oz.


So that was my box. I’m glad I got the lipstick because everything else I was indifferent about.

First Impression: April 2013 Ipsy bag


So this is my first impressions review of the April 2013 Ipsy bag. I have to say this is probably my favorite bag since I joined in December. I was surprised since I’m not a fan of pink and having a whole bag of pink items scared me a little. I guess it helps to have an open mind. Let’s get started and see what I got in my bag.

The first item is the Sation nail polish in the color Of Corset I’ll Call You. This is a sheer pink polish and in the swatch picture on the right this is two coats. This is the only thing I wasn’t crazy about. Like I said, I’m not a fan of pink and I’m not a fan of sheer polishes, so this had two strikes against it.


The next item is a shimmer powder by MICAbeauty in the color Earth. This can be used as an eyeshadow, a highlighter, or mixed with clear polish to give you a sparkly polish. Personally, I think this is a little too sparkly to be used as a highlighter unless I wanted a disco ball look. So I will only use this as an eyeshadow. As an eyeshadow this is okay, kinda sheer but it works if you want a subtle eye look with a bit of sparkle.


The next item is a blush from Be a Bombshell in the shade Sweet Cheeks. This is a peachy pink blush with silver shimmer. This is really pretty and really pigmented. Tapping the color once is enough powder for both cheeks. This is blush is just as good as my favorite Tarte Amazonian clay blushes.


And this is a look with me using both the MICAbeauty eyeshadow and the Be a Bombshell blush. I took this picture a few days ago so I don’t remember what else I’m wearing on my eyes. Sorry! I wore didn’t versions of this look to get a good picture and this is surprisingly the best one. Also I’m pretty sure I’m not wearing anything on my lips.


The last thing in the bag is also my favorite! It is the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal. This can be used on dry and wet hair and it will help you hair dry quicker. I used this on dry hair and it made my hair softer and didn’t look greasy! I was impressed. I used this on wet hair and I really think it helped my hair stay soft and my curls stay curls and not frizz. This is definitely a product I will be purchasing in the full size. The only problem is that the bottle is so thick that it is impossible to squeeze so I have to open up the bottle and pour it into my hand. Hopefully the full size won’t have the same problem.


So that is what I got in my Ipsy bag. As much as I love the Healthy Sexy Hair, I kinda wish there was a lip product to complete the look. Oh well.