First Impressions: Starlooks Starbox June 2013


So this will be my last Starlooks Starbox. I was going to get the July box, was charged for the July box, but decided that July would be my last month. I just have been blah about this subscription box, with nothing really becoming my favorite. When I sent the email to cancel the subscription I was refunded my money and cancelled for that month. Call me impressed. So if anyone was on the fence about trying the box keep that in mind. Even though I have been indifferent about the box, the customer service is amazing.

So my last box is probably my favorite with this being a box I would use everything I got in it. So enough chit chat. Let me show what I got.

First off this is their anniversary box and for an anniversary box it is kind of lackluster. When I hear anniversary box I expect something big and exciting. While I like the things in the box there is nothing exciting about the items.

So the first item is the eyeliner in white. If you have read my blog before you know I’m not a fan of pencil liners that need to be sharpened but this was really nice. It went on smoothly and lasted the whole day. I forgot how good it looks to have white liner on the waterline. It makes my eyes look so big.

Price: $12


The next item is another eyeliner. Does any box, especially a box with 3 items need two eye liners? Personally, I would say no but I digress. This is a liquid liner, called the Precision Liner Definer Pen, which is a felt tip marker style in the color black. This was nice. Just like the pencil liner, went on smooth and lasted the whole day. I love liquid liner the best out of all liners, especially if it is in the felt tip marker style. I just wish this was in a different color as this is the second black liner, in fact the second black liner in the marker style, I’ve gotten in my subscription boxes this month. Dear Subscription curator gods, you might not know this but there are more than one color for eye liners.

Price: $16


The last item in the box is a bronzer in Montego Bay. Being really pale there are very few bronzers that work for me but this one does. When I first swatched this product it was shimmery. So I was afraid that it would look bad on, I had a vision of disco ball cheeks, but it looks pretty natural. This was such a pretty color that I used it as an eye color as well as a bronzer. I think I might only use this as an eye color since I’m bad about contouring.

Price: $19


And here I am wearing everything from the box. I am also wearing Tarte blush in Tipsy and pretty sure nothing on my lips.


And here are close up of my eye looks. I used Montego Bay bronzer on the lid, Brazen eyeshadow in Type A in the crease (from a beautybox5 box), precision eye liner in black as the liner. The white liner was used as the brow highlight, in the inner corner and on the water line. The lid color looks patchy in the photo but it wasn’t like that in real life. I guess the shimmer reflecting the light makes it look like nothing is on my lid in certain spots.




So that is my last box. One nice thing about their site is if the have boxes left over for the month you can buy them for $25. So I can always pick up future boxes if I see anything that catches my eye.


First Impressions: Starlooks Starbox May 2013


Hi all! So I got my May Starlooks Starbox and I had much better results with this box than last month. No allergic reactions to anything! So let’s see what I got.

The whole box of goodies. I love the fact that there is makeup to play with.


The first thing in the box is the Eyeshadow Shader Compact. This slim compact gives you four shades to fill in your eyebrows. These will also work as regular eyeshadows but these are not that pigmented so no bold eye looks with this. I didn’t find this was very effective to fill in my brows. I had to use the darker brown and I still didn’t notice any difference. I liked this better as regular eyeshadows. The cream shade is a great brow highlight color and the black makes a decent eyeliner.

Cost: $21


The next item is a pigment luster in Cinnamon Toss. This a powder eyeshadow that is a antique gold color. First off I think the packaging for the shadow sucks. It is hard to get the eyeshadow out of the bottle without creating a mess. I have gotten this pigment all over the place. The product card says to put this on the back of your hand to get to the product. Umm, no thanks on that. It also goes on very patchy and doesn’t blend out very well. It worked much better to pat the color on. Beside all of these negatives this makes my green eyes look amazing! I might put this in another container and see if that helps with the application.

Cost: $17



The last item is a cream blush in Emphasize. This a cream blush in a brick red color. This applied really nicely and is buildable. As nice as this is I wish I liked the color more. I just think this color looks dirty and muddy on me. Not a look I typically go for. Strangely, this blush looks great in all the pictures I took of my self. I also used this as a lip stain, which turned out nice.



Here is me wearing the items from this box. I have Cinnamon Toss on the lid, the light brown color in the crease to soften the Cinnamon Toss, and I put eye drops in the black shadow to make a liquid liner. I used Emphasis on my cheeks.


A close up of the eye look


Starlooks also gave a cute little nail file as a bonus. This is perfect for my purse. In case you are wondering I’m wearing China Glaze polish in Not in This Galaxy.


So that’s my box for this month. I’m not sure that I really like subscription or this brand. For now I’m going to keep getting it but I don’t think for too much longer.

First Impressions: Starlooks Starbox April 2013


This is my first month with Starlooks. I heard so many good things about this box and this brand that I had to try it out. Starlooks Starbox gives you 3 or 4 full size products and 1 sample product or an exclusive item from the Starlooks brand. It is $15 + almost $3 shipping a month. If you are interested in past boxes they sell for $25 if they have left overs.

If you interested in the box click here . Don’t worry that isn’t a referral link.

The theme for this month is Festival and contains products that will make you great at any event. This box had 3 products and 1 Starbox exclusive product.

The first product is the Translucent Mineralized Powder. This is a white mineral powder that will combat shine and give you a natural look. This is an okay product. I’m lucky that my combo skin doesn’t look shiny. So I don’t really use powder. I currently use Bare Escentuals mineral veil and this seems compatible. Also this is a white powder, which you can tell from the picture, and even though it claims to disappear I wouldn’t wear this if you aren’t fair skinned. They do have a nude powder but I don’t know what it looks like. I almost forgot. My favorite part is that it came with a little puff. I don’t why but I thought it was super cute! Guess I’m easily pleased. I wouldn’t use the puff to apply this. I tried it once and my foundation transferred to the puff so I just use a fluffy brush.

The price is $19.


The next product is the Sensation Mascara Primer. This product soothes and moisturizes your lashes. This has fibers in it so it will lengthen your lashes. Since this a lash conditioner as well, the product card says that it can be used under mascara or at night. This does make your lashes look longer but I had an allergic reaction to it. As soon as I put it on my eyes they become itchy and when I got home from work my right eye was bright red! So be careful when using this product if you have sensitive eyes.

The price is $15.



And this is what my eye looked like after a day of wearing it.


The next product is the Tendergloss in polish. I really like this product. It goes on so smooth and makes a great your lips but better product by adding a bit of color and shine. Also it works really well over bright lipsticks to tone it down. I will have to resist the urge to buy more of these in different shades. The only problem I had with this is that the lipstick broke. đŸ˜¦ Still works though but I might have to put it in a jar or something.

The price is $11.


And this is what it looks like on my lips.


The last product is a Starbox exclusive and it is the “Mint” SPF lip balm with a SPF of 15. This is a just a lip balm and it smells like chewable Pepto Bismol tablets. This is very waxy and had a weird texture on my lips. Weirdly it makes my lips feel like they are super dry but they aren’t. It’s weird. I prefer my Babylips lip balm to this.

The price is $5.


So that’s my box. I’m hoping I don’t have as many problems in next month’s box. The next month’s theme is going to be Tribal so I can’t wait to see what that entails.