First Impression: beautybox 5 June 2013


Another month and another beautybox5 box. Can’t say this one impressed me any more than the others. So let’s just get into it and show you what I got.

As always if you are interested in the box and want to help me out, click here.

The first item are the Coolway Cool Cleanse shampoo and the Coolway Cool Hydrate conditioner. The shampoo was nice. According to the card, the shampoo is suppose to reduce breakage and frizz. Haven’t used it long enough to find out if the claims are true. It is very low foam and I felt it got my hair clean without stripping it of all it’s moisture. Having curly hair is important that it stays as moisturized as possible or it will just be a big frizz ball. The conditioner was just okay. This is supposed to hydrate to give you enhanced smoothness, body and shine. Yeah, it did nothing for my hair, and certainly not the things they claim. This just wasn’t moisturizing enough for me. I did like how they smelled, kinda minty.

Full size: Each product is $25 for 8.6 oz.


The next item is the Aveeno Hydrate + Protect lotion suncreen with SPF 30. Basically this is a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. This is a chemical sunscreen so it has the yucky sunscreen smell that makes me sick. It is moisturizing but it also felt heavy on my skin. I feel bad giving a first impression review on things with chemical sunscreen in it because I hate how they feel on my skin, heavy and oppressive. So I will always hate products like this and this one didn’t change my mind.

Full price: $9.99, 3 oz.


The next product is Just Being Sexy body bronzer. Like I’m said before, I have no plans of tanning, real or faux. These will be given away.

Full price: $49, 6 oz. (Yikes on that price! Since I don’t faux tan I don’t know how much they usually cost but this just seems really expensive.)


The last item in the box was the Brazen mineral eyeshadow in Head Over Heels. This is a matte lavender shadow with lavender sparkle. This is really pretty and I always like a purple eyeshadow. This applied very easily and blended well. Out of all the repeat brands that we get in the box Brazen eyeshadows are always nice to get.

Full price: $7.99, 0.18 oz.


Here is a look that I did with all the Brazen shadows I have gotten from beautybox5. Head Over Heels is on the lid, Type A in the outer v and a little into the crease and Birthday Suit in the crease to blend out the look. I finished the look with the Cailyn purple gel liner.




So that’s the box. I liked one thing in the box so that’s better than the last two months! Yay I guess. Figured crossed for next month.