First Impressions: beautybox 5 April 2013


My box this month didn’t impressed me as much as last month’s. I don’t know if because it had 2 of the same brands as last month or what but nothing really excited me. So let’s get into the box.

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The first item is La Fresh Instant Body Smoother. The info card says that these “wipe away stress and fatigue with these silky-smooth oil-packed wipes.” And the package itself says these revitalize and smooth dry, over worked skin. These also act as aroma therapy, as you are supposed to breathe deeply while applying the wipes and feel happier. Don’t know about either claim. My skin is not smoother and I didn’t feel happier or less stressed.

These smell minty and feel cooling when you wipe them on, but the feeling is not long lasting. The scent does linger so there’s that. Also it says to wipe on the temples, which I did, and now one of my eyes is kinda hurting. These are not super wet, in fact they are damp at best, so I probably didn’t get anything in my eye but I wanted to let you know in case that is the reason why it is stinging. I will use the other one but won’t purchase as I think this product is kinda pointless.

The full price is $9.99 for 24 wipes.


The next item is the Minxxette brush hanger in the size small. The product is really kinda cool. After you clean your brushes you hang your brush up and let the water drip down away from the ferrule, which if that part gets wet could cause hair to come loose. While I think this is neat it would be creepy to go into a bathroom with brushes hanging up everywhere, or maybe that’s just me. I haven’t tried it out yet so I don’t know how big a brush this would hold but it did hold my toothbrush, if that reference is any help.

The full price is $4.69 for the small size. There is also a larger size but I don’t know how much that costs.


The next item is the Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil Absorbing Tissue. These are oil absorbing sheets. That is about he most interesting thing to say about these. They don’t do anything fancy and I don’t really think they are that effective. Also they feel like the toilet seat covers in they have in public bathrooms. Hmm… Anyway I think my Clean & Clear ones work much better. I probably will give these away.

The full price is $1.99 for 50 sheets.


The next item is the Model Co Illusion lip pencil. This is a one size fits all nude lip liner that works for all your lipsticks. I think this is a nice color but it felt really dry going on. That I’m not a fan of wooden makeup pencils as I feel all the products are too dry probably doesn’t help it’s case. Also, it is probably just me, but it freaks me out a little to use the wooden pencils as I feel they might break and splinters will go in my eyes. Yes, I may be slightly crazy and have an irrational fear of getting splinters. Btw I am perfectly fine with using the regular normal wooden lead pencils for writing. Anyway I digress, I do like that the sharpener is built into the cap. That idea is genius! Don’t know how much I would actually use this, I’m young enough that my lipstick doesn’t bleed yet and I think I have a good size lip. I probably will be giving this away too, it’s a fine product just one I know I won’t use. Sorry my lip pictures are horribly blurry but I added them because you can sorta see what the liner looks like. Also there is nothing on my lips except for the lip liner.

The full size is $20.


The last item in the box is a Brazen Cosmetics eyeshadow in the shade Birthday Suit. I was really excited when I found out that there was going to be another Brazen eyeshadow in this month’s box as I really loved the one I got last month,which was Type A in case you were wondering. This shade was such a let down! This is just like the Yaby eyeshadow in Sand Dune I got in my March Ipsy bag, and the are both almost the same color as my eyelid! They could not have picked out a more boring color. I guess this would be a good blending color. Sigh. I will probably keep this. Sigh again. And yes in the picture of the open jar there is a swatch of the color on my hand. If you need a hint it is right of the jar.

The full size is $7.49 for 0.18 oz.


It was nice that 4 of the 5 products were full size and I more than got my money’s worth out of this box, but there was nothing I would really use except for the brush hanger. Fingers crossed that next month will be better.