The Autumn Tag

I thought I would do something different with this blog and do a tag post. On one of the other blogs I read I saw this Autumn Tag and thought it would be fun to do.

So without further delay.

Question 1. Favorite thing about Autumn

My favorite thing is definitely the weather change. Living in the Deep South it doesn’t cool down until about Ocotber. And when I say cool down I mean that it is no longer 90 + degrees everyday. I still haven’t been able to wear any long sleeves shirts yet but I don’t feel like I will die of heat exhaustion.

Question 2. Favorite Autumn drink

My favorite drink is definitely Starbucks caramel apple cider! It is so rare that I get because it needs to be really cold for me to want to drink it.

Question 3. Favorite scent/candle

I love the apple cider scented candles from Bath and Bodyworks. I love Cider Lane and when the winter candles come out I stock up on ‘Tis the Season. I also liking the Leaves candle. This is the first year I had it and I am really liking it. I can see why it is so popular with the beauty gurus.

Question 4. Favorite Autumn lipstick

Autumn is when I put up my coral lipsticks. Sadly and a little reluctantly at that but I just don’t think I can rock such obvious a Spring/Summer shade. So I turn to berries and reds in Autumn. These are two of my favorites. The one of the left is Covergirl Smoochie in Text Me and the one of the right is Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet.

Question 5. Go to Autumn moisturizer

I don’t change my everyday moisturizer when it gets cooler I just add argan oil. I discovered this last winter when my skin was peeling and I was looking for a heavier moisturizer. I didn’t like how the thicker moisturizers felt so I tried the Josie Maran argan oil along with my normal moisturizer and loved the results. I am currently using this Julep one because it was on sale but I like the Josie Maran one better.

Question 6. Go to Autumn color for eyes

This is the only thing that I really don’t change throughout the year. I love gold eyeshadow and wear it all year long.

Question 7. Favorite Autumn music

Is there specific Autumn music? I don’t have an answer for this one unless to say the music I hear at the different festivals and fairs that happen this time of year. What a weird question! Now I’m wondering if I’m missing out on some specific Autumn music.

Question 8. Favorite Autumn outfit to wear

I don’t have anything I wear in Autumn that I don’t wear in summer or Spring but I do love these green shoes from Crocs. I looked on their website and it looks like these aren’t sold any more. I wear these as much as possible during Autumn and Winter.

Question 9. Favorite Autumn treat

Hmm….I’m going to go super general and say Halloween candy and Thanksgiving dinner. đŸ˜‰

Question 10. Favorite place to be during Autumn

I love camping durning this time of year. Of course I only do baby camping, I need a cabin or a camper with a working bathroom.

So that is some of my favorite Autumn things. What are some of your favorites? If you do the tag let me know by leaving the link in the comments.


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